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Museums & Galleries in Burgas

History museum Burgas

Historical Museum Burgas

The History Museum of Burgas presents valuable exhibits, related to the history of Burgas and the region. This is one of the must see attractions in Burgas.

Location: Center of Burgas
Historical Museum Burgas map. How to get to Historical Museum Burgas in Burgas
Burgas Sand Fest

Sand Fest Burgas

The first ever Festival of sand sculptures in Bulgaria was in July 2008 in the town Burgas. It presented world-renowned artists from Indonesia, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria. Every year, the festival theme is different – “Sea World”, “Fairy Tale Heroes”, “Circus”, “Cartoon Character”, “Hall of Fame”, etc.

Location: North-East district
Sand Fest Burgas map. How to get to Sand Fest Burgas in Burgas
"Petya Dubarova" House-museum

House-museum “Petya Dubarova”

Petya Dubarova is one of the Bulgarian artists who will stay young forever. She has become one of the symbols of Burgas, with her original poems, impressions, fairy tales and short stories.

Location: South-West part of Burgas
House-museum “Petya Dubarova” map. How to get to House-museum “Petya Dubarova” in Burgas
Art Gallery “Petko Zadgorski”

Art Gallery “Petko Zadgorski”

Art Gallery “Petko Zadgorski” is one of the oldest galleries in the country. It’s hosted in the building of a specially reorganised synagogue which was built in the beginning of the previous century, by the design of the Italian architect Ricardo Toscani. The gallery is named after the great Burgas artist and sculptor Petko Zadgorski (1902-1974) who was the first chairman of the Bulgarian Artist Company, founded in the 1960’s. The gallery stock consists of 2000 fine arts, sculpture and graphic works of art.

Location: Center of Burgas
Art Gallery “Petko Zadgorski” map. How to get to Art Gallery “Petko Zadgorski” in Burgas
Archaelogical Museum

Archaelogical Museum

The Archaeological Museum in Burgas hosts archaeological findings collections from the Ancient Thracia, the Greek colonies along the Roman Empire and the Black Sea Coast.

Location: Southern part of Burgas
Archaelogical Museum map. How to get to Archaelogical Museum in Burgas
Natural History Museum Burgas

Natural History Museum

In Burgas is the only one Natural History Museum on the Southeast Black Sea Coast. It is part of the Regional historical Museum – Burgas, which for the past 10 years has been an actively functioning cultural and scientific institute with four basic exhibitions – historical, archaeological, ethnographic and a natural history.

Location: Center of Burgas
Natural History Museum map. How to get to Natural History Museum in Burgas
Gallery-Museum "Georgi Baev”

Gallery-Museum “Georgi Baev”

Gallery-Museum “Georgi Baev” is dedicated to the most famous Burgas artist, described as one of the “great humanists in Europe and the world”. The Gallery is next to the Sea Garden and the city centre. Thanks to the exhibitions presented in the house itself and the visiting collections, showcased in the museum garden, the Gallery-Museum is turning into a favourite place for art lovers.

Location: Southern part of Burgas
Gallery-Museum “Georgi Baev” map. How to get to Gallery-Museum “Georgi Baev” in Burgas
The Burgas Museum of Ethnography

The Museum of Ethnography

The Burgas Museum of Ethnography is located in the central part of the city, near the “St. Kiril and Metodii” Church . The museum exhibition is arranged in one of the most beautiful old buildings of Burgas, built in the mid-nineteenth century.

Location: Center of Burgas
The Museum of Ethnography map. How to get to The Museum of Ethnography in Burgas
St Anastasia

St Anastasia Island

St Anastasia Island is located in the Burgas Bay in the Black Sea. It is a volcanic rock island, 12 meters high, and its area is almost 9 decres. Between 1959 and 1990 it was known as Bolshevik Island. It is surrounded by mystery and there are hundreds of legends and stories about treasures and sea pirates.

Location: Southern coast of Burgas
St Anastasia Island map. How to get to St Anastasia Island in Burgas