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Parks & gardens in Burgas

Sea Garden Burgas

Sea Garden Burgas

The Sea Garden is the largest and best known public park in Bulgarian port city of Burgas. It is located along the city’s coast on the Black Sea and it is an important tourist attraction and a national monument of landscape architecture on the Balkans.

Location: East coast of Burgas
Sea Garden Burgas map. How to get to Sea Garden Burgas in Burgas
Protected Reserve "Poda"

Protected Reserve Poda

The protected reserve “Poda” is a preferred visiting place for many Bulgarian and foreign tourists, who enjoy the unique Bulgarian nature. The area is a unique nature territory, hosting a huge biological diversity – hundreds of plant, bird, fish, amphibian, reptile and mammal species. It is only 1 sq. km.

Location: South-Eastern part of Burgas
Protected Reserve Poda map. How to get to Protected Reserve Poda in Burgas
"Lake" Park

The Lake Park

“Lake” Park is the natural extension of the Sea Garden and is one of the preferable places for relaxation in the city. It is only 150 metres from the sea. The freshness of the greeneries makes it suitable for walking, biking or jogging both for children and adults. For sport lovers, there are tennis courts and a horse-riding centre, which attract people with their location and their good equipment. Another attraction in this park is the Sand Festival, which takes place every year and attracts a large audience from all over the world.

Location: North-East district
The Lake Park map. How to get to The Lake Park in Burgas
“Izgrev” Park

Park Izgrev

The “Izgrev” Park is situated in the north-east part of the city. Along with the greeneries, alleys and relaxation areas, the citizens and visitors of Burgas can have a pleasant and recharging walk. The park has a car park, cycling and walking alleys. It has a children playground, suitable for disabled children – the playground has both play and fitness equipment.

Location: North-Eastern part of Burgas
Park Izgrev map. How to get to Park Izgrev in Burgas
“Mineral Springs” Park

The Mineral Springs Park

“Mineral Springs” Park is a beautiful park perfect for a walk, picnic, relaxation or sport. The park has garden barbeques, wooden tables, benches, and sport and children playgrounds.

Location: North-Western part of Burgas
The Mineral Springs Park map. How to get to The Mineral Springs Park in Burgas
“Phoros” Eco zone

Phoros Eco zone

The “Phoros” area is known for a memorable battle in the history of the Second Bulgarian State. In the beginning of 14th century, the Bulgarian Tsar Teodor Svetoslav began a campaign to the Black Sea Coast, where his power spread across significant areas. In 1304, on the bridge over the Mandrensko Lake outlet – Skafida (the Poros), there was a decisive battle, which ended in an indicative victory for the Bulgarian leader over the Byzantine army.

Location: South-Eastern part of Burgas
Phoros Eco zone map. How to get to Phoros Eco zone in Burgas
Park "Tsar Boris"

Park Tsar Boris

On the territory of the “Tsar Boris” park, there are a few restaurants and cafes, which are perfect for relaxation among the quiet and green in the heart of Burgas. There is a children playground and for sport lovers – football, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts. Cultural and sport events are often organised here which animate the park and gardens even more.

Location: Center of Burgas
Park Tsar Boris map. How to get to Park Tsar Boris in Burgas
“Rosenets” Park

Rosenets Park

The “Rosenets” park is still wild and “pure” and is suitable for people who want to escape the noise and rush of the big city. There are holiday homes on the territory of the park, which makes it suitable for longer stays and family holidays. Every wild nature lover can observe, take pictures and explore the park forests. Throughout “Rosenets” Park there are barbeque areas, which make it suitable for family picnics.

Location: South-Eastern part of Burgas
Rosenets Park map. How to get to Rosenets Park in Burgas

Tsaritsa Yoanna square

Tsaritsa Yoanna square is a small park located right infront of the Burgas Railway station. There is a beautiful fountain in the middle of the garden which attracts a lot of visitors. The Burgas Bus station (South) is also near the park.

Location: Near the Burgas Railway Station
Tsaritsa Yoanna square map. How to get to Tsaritsa Yoanna square in Burgas