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Ruins in Burgas

Sito Archeologico Deultum - Debelt

Roman Town of Deultum – Debelt

Located at the end of the village, the remains of antique town Deultum and the medieval Develt, give the name of the contemporary village of Debelt (it is a modification of the name Deultum). The Roman Colony of Deultum was established here in the beginning of the 70s of the 1st century, during the ruling of emperor Tit Flavius Vespasian, by the veterans of the 8th Augustan Legion. This is the only colony of free roman citizens on the present Bulgarian territory. There was a port by the town, which was situated by the present Mandrensko Lake.

Location: South-West from Burgas
Roman Town of Deultum – Debelt map. How to get to Roman Town of Deultum – Debelt in Burgas
Thracian tomb Kuhata mogila

Thracian tomb Kuhata mogila

Thracian tomb Kuhata mogila is located 100 meters from the road to Pomorie and is dated II-III century. It is a combination of typical Thracian tomb and Roman mausoleum. The height is 8 meters and has a diameter of 60 meters. It is open for visits and tours.

Location: Pomorie
Thracian tomb Kuhata mogila map. How to get to Thracian tomb Kuhata mogila in Burgas
Akve Kalide

Aquae Calidae – Thermopolis

15 km from Burgas, between districts Vetren and Banevo, Aquae Calidae is part of the nature park Mineralni bani. Next to the archaeological reserve can be found a sanatorium with spa and public fountains with mineral water. The Archaeological Reserve consists of ancient and medieval baths, medieval Christian church, fortress walls and facilities connected to the defence system, Thracian tomb and other monuments.

Location: North-West of Burgas
Aquae Calidae – Thermopolis map. How to get to Aquae Calidae – Thermopolis in Burgas