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Sport facilities in Burgas

Lazur Stadium

Lazur Stadium

“Lazur” Stadium was built in 1967 and it’s one of the most modern stadiums in the country. In 2010 it deservedly won the “Best Stadium in Bulgaria” award. It has hosted a number of local and international games, both of European club championships and of the Bulgarian national team.

Location: North-East district
Lazur Stadium map. How to get to Lazur Stadium in Burgas
"Flora" Pool

Flora Pool

The swimming complex “Flora” has two outdoor pools – 50 m one and 20 m one (for children), which makes it an ideal place for sports and relaxation for adults and young ones. It also has a bar which offers private parties and celebrations. Around 500 children learn to swim in the pools at the Flora every year and during the summer the complex hosts of number of sport competitions. Schools and sport clubs organise their activities here and in certain days, the visitors can enjoy a healthy entertainment by participating in the trendy water zumba.

Location: South-Eastern part of Burgas
Flora Pool map. How to get to Flora Pool in Burgas
“Mineral springs” Pool

Pool Mineral springs

The swimming pool of “Mineral springs” is 25 m by 12.5 m with a servicing structure, accessibility ramp and toilets for the disabled. It is used both for training activities by Burgas sports clubs and for relaxation – by Burgas citizens and its visitors. The Burgas mineral SPA is located among greenery and is one of the oldest SPA centres in Bulgaria. The mineral water, which spring there is suitable for the treatment and prophylactics of a number of illnesses and has a beneficial effect on the general health of the organism.

Location: North-Western part of Burgas
Pool Mineral springs map. How to get to Pool Mineral springs in Burgas
Youth Culture Centre Pool

Youth Culture Centre Pool

The Youth Culture Centre Pool is an indoor pool and is open during the autumn-winter seasons. The Burgas swimming and water polo clubs have always had their practice sessions here. It is also used for sports and relaxation of the citizens and visitors of Burgas. The pool has a large capacity and with its five swimming corridors services between 200-350 people daily.

Location: Center of Burgas
Youth Culture Centre Pool map. How to get to Youth Culture Centre Pool in Burgas
Sports Complex "Slaveykov"

Slaveykov Sports Complex

Sports Complex “Slaveykov” is one of the many places where you can practice different sports in Burgas. The complex offers an athletics field, basketball and volleyball courts, three tennis courts, two football pitches with artificial grass, wrestling gym, fitness gym and a children’s playground. There is a 12-metre climbing wall and a small skating park for those who prefer the extreme sports.

Location: North-Western part of Burgas
Slaveykov Sports Complex map. How to get to Slaveykov Sports Complex in Burgas

Sports Hall Mladost

“Mladost” Sports Hall is one of the largest sport halls in the city. It is consisted of a large hall, with dimensions of 45 m length and 22 m wide, and three small halls. Inside the large hall there is a separate area for coffee and Bank room. On the second floor there are separate rooms for five shops and two offices. The ground floor houses six dressing rooms.
In the SH “Mladost” are practiced the following sports: rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball, handball, football and kickboxing.

Location: North-Western part of Burgas
Sports Hall Mladost map. How to get to Sports Hall Mladost in Burgas
Sports Hall "Nikola Stanchev"

Nikola Stanchev Sports Hall

Sports Hall “Nikola Stanchev” is named after the legendary Bulgarian wrestler, who was born in Burgas and is the first Olympian golden medallist of Bulgaria. The hall was opened in 2009 as part of the activities of Municipality Burgas. The sports hall building has two floors. It’s open all year for children, youths, active adults – both sportsmen and amateurs.

Location: South-East part of Burgas
Nikola Stanchev Sports Hall map. How to get to Nikola Stanchev Sports Hall in Burgas
Swimming complex Meden Rudnik

Swimming complex Meden Rudnik

The Swimming complex “Meden Rudnik” has large pool with size of 25.00 m and second pool which is academic – 10 x 10 m

Location: South-West part of Burgas
Swimming complex Meden Rudnik map. How to get to Swimming complex Meden Rudnik in Burgas
Sport Center Izgrev

Sport Center Izgrev

Sports Center “Izgrev” offers different options to spend your time outdoors. The complex has small and large football pitches, three tennis courts, basketball and volleyball playgrounds. There is a skate park that can be enjoyed by lovers of roller-blades, skateboard and cyclists. There is specifically design children playground for the little ones.

Location: North-West part of Burgas
Sport Center Izgrev map. How to get to Sport Center Izgrev in Burgas
Sports Hall "Boycho Branzov"

Boycho Branzov Sports Hall

“Boycho Branzov” Sports Hall is named after the famous Burgas basketball player Boycho Branzov since 1996. It’s behind the District Hospital. Sports hall “Boycho Branzov” is entirely used for training and competitions in basketball.

Location: South-East part of Burgas
Boycho Branzov Sports Hall map. How to get to Boycho Branzov Sports Hall in Burgas