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Theater, Opera & Ballet in Burgas

Drama theatre "Adriana Budevska"

Drama theatre “Adriana Budevska”

Mihail Balozev, after returning from abroad in 1893, gathered enthusiastic young people and presented to the Burgas audience Vasil Drumev’s play “Ivanko”. This first theatre performance started a permanent amateur team and Mihail Balozev is considered the first manager of theatre activities in the city.

Location: Downtown Burgas
Drama theatre “Adriana Budevska” map. How to get to Drama theatre “Adriana Budevska” in Burgas
Opera House Burgas

Opera House Burgas

The Burgas Opera has an extremely diverse programme which attracts every year local citizens and visitors. The rich repertoire every time manages to satisfy the audience and also surprises them with new productions and attractive performances of the cast. Many famous Bulgarian singers, known around the world, have started their carrier on the Burgas Opera stage.

Location: Center of Burgas
Opera House Burgas map. How to get to Opera House Burgas in Burgas
Concert Hall “Prof. Ivan Vulpe”

Concert Hall “Prof. Ivan Vulpe”

Concert Hall “Ivan Vulpe” has been an architectural monument of culture since 1930’s. The building is part of the Burgas Philharmonic and is part of the rich history of music art in the city. With its diverse cultural programme, “Ivan Vulpe” Concert Hall attracts citizens and visitors – every year the hall hosts a number of cultural events – chamber, symphonic and ballet concerts, recitals, film showings and international competitions.

Location: Center of Burgas
Concert Hall “Prof. Ivan Vulpe” map. How to get to Concert Hall “Prof. Ivan Vulpe” in Burgas
Summer theatre

Summer theatre

Summer theater in the city of Burgas is located in Sea Garden. It was founded in 1957 and is a public municipal property. It is designed to hold a variety of summer cultural activities.

Location: East coast of Burgas
Summer theatre map. How to get to Summer theatre in Burgas
The State Puppet Theatre Burgas

The State Puppet Theatre

The State Puppet Theatre – Burgas is a professional theatre for children and adults, and is one of the leading puppet theatres in the country. Founded in 1954 the company became a state theatre in 1962.

Location: West-east region of Burgas
The State Puppet Theatre map. How to get to The State Puppet Theatre in Burgas